Harrow Station

harrow station


The Project


Ottsville, PA


20,500 Total Sq. Ft.



  • Harrow Station is home to Kimberton Whole Foods and a small café.
  • The market is 9,400 sq. ft. with two-span gabled frames and two 3’ x 7’ doors.  The kitchen and café area is 3,400 sq. ft. with two 8’ x 10’ overhead doors.
  • Together the project consisted of 20,500 sq. ft. Batten Lok, slate gray, vertical rib, standing seam roof, and 7,650 sq. ft. classic green AVP wall panel with Hardie board accents.
  • The mechanical area is 2,300 sq. ft. with a 15’ x 40’ interior mechanical mezzanine and a 13’ x 40’ exterior mechanical mezzanine.
  • The building finishes off beautifully with 400 lin. ft. of 8’ wide covered porch with soffit.